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2009 was my wedding year, May 9th. It was a stunning sunshine day. Our ceremony was on the beach and it was just breathtaking, followed by our reception at the guesthouse we stayed at.

I remembered looking at so many beautiful weddings, styles and decor that I couldn’t wait start planning my own. And I loved it, from contacting suppliers, describing my vision to it being executed perfectly, all while being overseas.

Fast forward many years to 2024 and I finally decided to open myself to the opportunity of hiring out beautiful decor items for your wedding and see your vision come to life.


Below you’ll find decor items that make a statement, from the moment you and your guest will enter into the ceremony or reception. CANDLES, you can never have enough and with the wide variety of styles candles come in, it is sure to be a show stopper. It’s elegant and luxurious, yet simple and compliments other decor items.

We hope that as you browse through our hire range, you find pieces that compliments your vision and if there is any item you’re after, reach out to us, we would love to help where ever we can.

Much love, Sunel 


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