Twee. signature scented candles are small batch hand poured candles. Although every effort is made to ensure consistency, and each candle has been individually handcrafted and there may be some variances. Our wax is 100% natural soy wax and therefore you may notice small blemishes on the side or surface of your candle. This is not a fault, simply a small blemish and does not impact on the quality or burn of the candle.

When burning your Twee. candle, allow the melt pool to burn completely to the edges each and every burn. This will help create a burn memory and prevent tunnelling.

Allowing your candle to have a melt pool of 1/4inch will maximize fragrance and an even burn pool. Trim your wick to at least 4mm to help prevent smoking and keep the burn pool clean. Before relighting your candle, ensure it has cooled and hardened completely before you trim your wick.

Burn your candle for no more than 2-3 hours as you can over burn a candle. Make sure your wick is 6mm before re-lighting your candle.

Please discard your candle when there is 10mm of wax or less remaining. We do not advise to continue burning your candle below this.

Please use common sense when burning your candle and keep away from drafty areas and flammable surfaces. Ensure you're burning your candle on a stable and heat resistant surface.

Keep out of direct sunlight, this prevents damage and discolouration to wax. If you are left with a black sooty substance at the rim of your votive, wipe it away with a damp cloth and ensure you keep your wick trimmed.



With approx. 5mm of wax remaining, soak your ceramic candle jar in warm soapy water. Agitate wax until it dislodges and dispose.

Wash jar until clean and wipe dry. Remove new wax refill from all packaging and peel tape cover from bottom wick tab. Insert refill in to ceramic jar. Light wick and burn candle until melt pool reaches edge of jar. This ensures an even burn and prevents a cavity from forming.