Who we are

Twee. born out of two things coming together. It's Afrikaans and dis lekker. Creating beautiful soy candles, with scents that compliments each individual to make your home a reflection of who you are.

With a South African back ground, being Afrikaans and have traveled to a few countries over the years, this has given us at Twee. a wonderful foundation of how we view cultures and also how memories are created.

Our love for making candles all started back in 2019, back on the Gold Coast, and then we brought it to Melbourne. 

Our scents are designed and created to take you on a journey or invoke a memory. For example, one of our most popular scents, Myrrh+Musk invokes the memory of being back in Dubai, having dinner under the Arabian night sky to our Sweet Magnolia, where you found the beautiful magnolia trees on every street corner of Melbourne.

We hope that you find the same experience when burning one of our scented candles in your home, where you get to create your own memory.

Love, Sunel. xxx