Candle Jar Refills
Candle Jar Refills

Candle Jar Refills

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No need to send your candle jar back to us to have it filled with your favourite Twee. Signature scented candle again.

In making the choice to buy a refill, not only are you doing your bit for the environment but you are rewarded by saving up to 20% off the cost of a new candle.

We will conveniently make your soy wax candle refill based on the fragrance you select and post your new refill candle. Be sure on your first burn to burn your candle until the melt pool reaches the edge of the ceramic jar. This ensures an even burn for the lifetime of your candle and prevents a cavity forming in the centre.

*Instructions for how to reuse your candle jar with a candle jar refill, head over to our Candle Care Section. | Bowl not included